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The Future of Book Publishing: How Technology Is Changing the Industry - Self Publishing Companies - Christian Book Publishers

The commercial industry is quite huge with pioneers like Penguin books, Star Book Writing, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo Books, Amazon books etc. and many other small scale book publishing companies catering to a large number of readers. There are many authors who opt for publishing their books online, which comes with many benefits and perhaps also brings many hurdles in the entire process of book publishing

Yet, going with commercial publishers has its own perks and advantages perhaps has its cons as well. If you’re an aspiring author, you must weigh the cons and pros of both types of book publishing and move ahead with the one that suits your scenario the best.


Like many other industries has had a great impression, so is the case with the book publishing industry, transitioning from paper books to digital books and completely shifting the patterns of editing, publishing and distribution altogether. There has been a frequent rise seen in the readers of audiobooks, eBooks and digital readers in the last few years and the numbers are still on the rise significantly. Readers have now completely changed their ways of consuming literature from paper books to e-books to audiobooks as the technology is evolving by the minute there’s no going back. This gives an edge to the readers, to access their material from any part of the world.


The biggest change that has happened to the book publishing industry or book publishing companies is the hike of e-book readers, if you still are unaware of the term “e-book” then let us briefly give you a hang of it. E-books are digitized versions of books which can be consumed through your smartphones, tablets or computers whatever you may choose. They are extremely user-friendly, convenient and affordable for a layman and it comes extremely handy to the readers. They’re relatively cheaper than the printed books for obvious reasons like paper costs, printing, formatting and cover designs, etc. 




Book publishing companies take a hold of everything once they’ve accepted your proposal and are willing to go ahead to publish for book publishing under your given author name. The book publishing and marketing has a few steps to take before publishing and are mentioned below;


Editing: The very first step into book publishing is editing your eBook from the first page to the final draft. Once the publishing company has edited your book it will head into the next step. 


Book formatting: Once the book has been completely edited, it needs to be formatted from font style to images according to the digital publishers.


Choosing a book publishing platform: There are plenty of digital book publishing platforms and you can choose as many as you like which suits your needs and reap the benefits.


It’s good to evolve with the world and go hand-in-hand with new practices for digital book publishing to reach out to all types of readers across the world without having it printed in their country. Just publish your book online, sit back and enjoy the attention!