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Our ghostwriters are some of the best ones in the literary industry and can give words to your thoughts and ideas. We can help you create a masterpiece with the broad range of book writing services that we offer. Ghostwriting professionals at Star Book Writing & Publishing display remarkable writing skills and techniques to help you produce a compelling plot. We cater to writing fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, biographies, self-help, research, and books belonging to other genres to serve clients from a diverse backgrounds and keep their expectations high at all costs.

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E-book Writing

Book Editing

Book Formatting


Book Cover

E-book Writing

Book Editing

Book Formatting


Book Cover

Book Video Trailer
A book’s video trailer depicts the characters in your book, the places mentioned, the summary of the plot, and engaging content. Let our team create an interesting video trailer for your book and post it on your website to let the readers ask for more!
E-book Writing
Want to become a published author? You can trust our book writers to produce compelling and engaging storylines for your ideas. Whether you’re writing a young adult’s fiction or a children’s book, our writers have the right experience and knowledge for it. Ghostwriting services can make you New York’s next bestselling author.
Book Formatting
Formatting is another essential part of the book writing process. It entails fixing line spacing, paragraph spacing, headings, tabular content, text, font size, etc., to make the book easy to read for the reader. Allow our formatters to make your book visually appealing to your audience.
Proofreading ensures your book is fit for publication. Our proofreaders read your content line by line to pinpoint if there are any plot holes. Hire Wiley Book Writers today and get a chance to have experts proofread your manuscript. With our help, you will have complete peace of mind throughout the book writing process.
Book Cover Design
Did you know that a book’s cover design is an essential part of writing a book? Our team comprises expert graphic designers and software experts who use digital technology and art to produce attractive covers for your book, letting your target audience know what the book entails and how interesting they are going to find it. Hire our expert book cover designers today to ensure your book reaches the right target audience.
Book Marketing
An effective book marketing campaign can do wonders for authors. Social media marketing, website content marketing, blogs, articles, etc., are some ways to promote your book. You can count on Star Book writing & Publishing to strategize your book’s marketing campaign and earn hefty profits for your hard work!
Book Publishing
Star Book Writing & Publishing has connections with some of the best traditional book publishers in the industry. We review your content, evaluate it according to the industry-specific standards, and send it to traditional publishing houses for publications. Not only that, but we also write books that can be published on renowned platforms like Kindle, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.
Author website
Creating an author’s website is one of the best ways to promote your book online. We have website developers in our company who can develop engaging and informative websites for authors, allowing them to read their book’s feedback and get in touch with their fans. An author’s website comprises testimonials from readers, excerpts from your book, your interviews, etc.
Audio Book
If you wish to turn your book into an audiobook, we can do it for you! Sign up with our trusted ghostwriters and we will give a chance to people with a restricted vision to enjoy your book as any other normal individual.












Want to write that is packed with action and adventure? You can trust Star Book Writing & Publishing to produce content that matches this particular genre. A series of fight scenes, handling real-life outdoor thrills, ditching zombies, or fighting crime, we can write stories that will keep your audience hooked till the very end.



Writing a children’s book is not easy. The tone, voice, narration, etc., has to be just right to keep the little minds entertained. If you wish to become a children’s author, hire Star Book Writing & Publishing today. We can help you create stories with a moral with epic illustrations and poems to gain the attention of your target audience.


Want to write a fantasy novel with witches, wizards, magicians, or maybe talking furniture or animals? Allow our writers to help! At Star Book Writing & Publishing, we have years’ worth of experience producing fantasy novels for our clients. Contact us for more details.


Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey? We can help you write an erotic book of your own. Contact Star Book Writing & Publishing if you have a plot in mind and we’ll take over your project and give the right words to your thoughts and ideas.


Nothing keeps a reader up at night more than a well-written suspense and thriller book. If you’re inspired by renowned authors like Stephan King, here’s the good news! You can now have your own book that meets the criteria of this genre. Contact us for more details.


A good drama never goes unmissed. There’s a large audience out there who wishes to read more drama than fantasy and fiction. If you think you have a good drama in mind, let us share it with the world. Hire our book writers today to produce a drama book that could be the next bestseller.


Do you want to write a book that features storytelling? We can help you draft novels on various topics. Star Book Writing & Publishing have the right knowledge and experience to write content on almost any topic. Consult our specialists for more information.



Writing a fiction novel takes time, effort, and a compelling plot. If you have great ideas for a fiction or nonfiction book, let our writers learn about them. We will turn your ideas into reality and unfold the realm of lovable and magical fictional characters.


Inspired by Daniel Steel, Stephanie Meyer, or John Green? You can have your very own romantic book written. Our writers have read and written several romantic books for clients over the years and can do the same for you! Call us today for more details.


Do you believe your stories or ideas are enough to form a book? Hire our book writing company today! Star Book Writing & Publishing is an award-winning company of book writers for hire who can help you become a published author.



The book writing process initiates when you place your orders on our website and subscribe. Our agent will get back to you and note down the details of your project.



Once we have researched the content, our professional book writers will create the first chapter and send it to you for approval.


This goes on until we have successfully written all chapters and sought your approval for each one of them. We would then edit the entire book and make revisions wherever necessary.


Our team will publish your book after it has been edited, formatted, and proofread. We will also promote your book on different platforms to help you reach your target audience.

How STAR BOOK WRITING & PUBLISHING Benefit Potential Authors?

Star book Writing & Publishing offer high-quality book writing services in different genres and cater to writers from around the world. This is what sets us apart in the literary industry- Our dedication to working with a diverse range of clients, efforts to pull a masterpiece each time, and professionalism to keep you updated throughout the book writing process are worth all the appreciation and recognition we receive online.
With affordable rates, unlimited number of revisions, timely chapter deliverance, and zero plagiarism, you are in for astounding book writing services!

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We are proud to have worked with some of the notable authors worldwide. Star Book Writing & Publishing has enabled a broad range of authors produce successful books.

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Star Book Writing & Publishing have experienced book writers on board who have significant knowledge of the entire book writing process. We have the right certifications, degrees, and skills to help you launch a masterpiece.

Whatever details or ideas you share with us for your book remain confidential. Star Book Writing & Publishing would never use your ideas or information for third-party benefits. We are professional book writing services in the USA and stand by our principles.

Affordability is another one of our features that sets us apart in the book writing industry. We offer high-quality and professional books at cost-effective rates to help you accomplish your dream of becoming an author.

Star Book Writing & Publishing caters to delivering projects on time and pulling off enthralling plots to guarantee customer satisfaction each time. We value our customer feedback and try to improve our services accordingly.

Need an update on your book? Want us to quickly change a few things in the content? Or planning to sign up with us? Give us a call. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries.

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Our clients from a broad range of genres put their trust in us and we never disappoint them.

wonderful experience publishing my book with Star Book Writing & Publishers. Extraordinarily supportive and helpful.

Kouri James

My experience with Star Book Writing &  Publishers has been amazing. It’s the best in the ghostwriting industry.

Jonah Hunt

 They delivered my book in just two months, and the whole process was just flawless.

Neil Anderson, Sr

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the genre and plot of your book, it may take us 5 to 6 months to write a book from scratch. Terms and conditions apply based on the number of pages, revisions required, and editing process.

Of course! This is what we do! Hire our online book writers and we will take care of the rest.

It may cost you a little fortune but rest assured, you will have great returns on investments later on.

Contact Star Book Writing & Publishing today and our agent will walk your through the process of book writing.