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Facilitating your transition from writer to author is our primary goal, and we strive to simplify the process of creating the eBook of your aspirations. As a dedicated book publishing platform, here’s what you can anticipate from our services:

What is an eBook?

An eBook, short for “electronic book,” is a digital or electronic version of a printed book. It is designed to be read on electronic devices such as e-readers, tablets, smartphones, or computers. eBooks can include text, images, and sometimes multimedia elements. They offer the convenience of portability and easy accessibility, allowing readers to carry an entire library of books in a single device. Additionally, eBooks often come in various formats, such as EPUB or PDF, and can be purchased, downloaded, and read from online platforms and digital bookstores.

eBooks provide the quickest route for global self-publishing, enabling millions of readers to discover, purchase, and enjoy your book on platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Store, Apple Books, and others. Offering unparalleled portability, readers can carry hundreds or even thousands of books on a single device.

Universal compatibility

Whether it’s your daughter’s iPad or your mom’s Kindle, our eBook publishing experts will create high-quality eBook files that are compatible with ALL popular eReaders.

Not sure where to start?

Five steps is all it takes

All the essential information you need to go from manuscript to market place.

Prepare your eBook

Read these helpful tips for preparing your manuscript before you make your eBook.

Real experts on call

Need some help? We’re here for you. Just call us at 1-877-961-6878 to talk to a real Publishing Specialist or get a quote online.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not thrilled with our work—whether it’s eBook conversion, cover design, or print quality—we’ll work with you until you are. That’s our publishing promise to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do eBooks Need a Fixed Layout?

The choice of eBook format depends on your content. Fixed Layout files ensure consistent display of images and text across various eReaders. This format is ideal for illustrated children’s books, cookbooks, graphic novels, and coffee table books.

BookBaby’s expert team can transform your manuscript into a Fixed Layout eBook tailored for Amazon’s Kindle and Apple Books. Contact us today to learn more and begin the process!

How Can I Publish an eBook?

Simplify your eBook publishing journey with BookBaby. We provide a comprehensive range of self-publishing services all in one place, covering eBook conversion, professional book editing, eBook cover design, book marketing, and more. Benefit from global distribution, including through Amazon KDP Select!

If your manuscript is ready for publication, our Publishing Specialists are ready to assist. Contact us today at 1-877-961-6878 or save a quote to learn more about our services.

How Do I Sell My eBook?

Selling your eBook has never been easier than with BookBaby’s book marketing services. First, you’ll have the option to sell your book directly to readers with Bookshop. Bookshop is your own personal, one-stop-shop where you’ll earn more profits, expand your reach, get paid sooner, and have total control over your page content.

Additionally, BookBaby also offers Social Media Ads for Authors, Display Ads for Authors, and metadata optimization. Plus, you can sell your eBook in the world’s biggest bookstores with our global eBook distribution services. You can now also work with both BookBaby and Amazon KDP Select Publishing, so you’ll get the benefits of both services while expanding your reach to new readers.

Where Can You Buy an eBook?

eBooks are becoming more and more popular, and can be bought from Amazon, Google, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, ebooks.com, Apple Books, etc. Additionally, BookBaby authors have their own personal sales pages on Bookshop. BookBaby Bookshop was created to help directly support independent authors and allow them to maintain total control over the pricing of their books, as well as their page content.

Purchasing an eBook on Bookshop means that authors retain 85% of each eBook sale, allowing them to earn up to 3X more than on traditional mainstream sites. After all, it’s the authors who have put their heart and hard work into their books, and we’re committed to ensuring they are fairly compensated and supported.