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If you’re an author and you still don’t have a digital presence, it’s high time you should have a website, a public page that has access to your content. These methods can help a great time in book marketing irrespective of genres.


Generally, the core function of book marketing is to promote a book readily available for display and buyers can buy it online for a fee. In book marketing companies, each book is assigned to a marketing manager or marketing director, every book marketing company works on different books simultaneously, perhaps every book is given due attention each require. Star Book Writing, helps all the new authors to be seen and sold drastically and put their content in front of the potential buyers and targeted audience. It helps to enlarge the audience span of every author in their respective niches, carefully curating the radar of the specific audience. 




Book Marketing Plan

The said strategy begins with an author’s questionnaire, this helps us to determine the range of potential readers of a book ready to be published online. Based on some components, we make a marketing plan which includes some sales material, POS sales and advertisements etc. Costs are estimated according to the book marketing strategies that can vary from a company to another, perhaps Star Book Writing ensures to provide the best book marketing services keeping in your very budget with extremely easy plans.


Book Sales Development

Prior to the publication of your book, we have an extensive and detailed plan ready for its promotion and tailor made tools that come handy in book marketing. Tools can include descriptions of catalogues for each season, these help greatly to grab a large number of readers and e-book websites. 


POS Sale Promotion method

When it comes to managing the creative properties we talk about the design and creation of all in-store signages, discount offers, limited editions etc. to promote the book to their potential consumers. These are less expensive when it comes to publishing for obvious reasons, there is no paper involved which means half the money is saved that goes in paper books. The second major cost after publishing can be placing them at bookstore in exchange of royalties, this can shrink the selling amount as 15-20% of royalties goes to the publishing companies and bookstores. Having an eBook published can be really pocket friendly and easy at book marketing as well.


Social Media promotion

If you know how to market yourself and your work through social media, consider your job done. If book marketing companies help you to outreach the consumers through social media forums this can help you grow your digital presence and bring more awareness in public regarding your piece of work. Social media campaigns can be a big game changer for book marketing, doing diligent keyword research and reaching an audience organically is a task and half perhaps not impossible. 


However, book marketing companies predominantly rely on paid social media campaigns and advertisements yet they are the most preferred and authentic methods suggested by former authors who have gotten book marketing services and have had a positive experience. If you’re a budding author with a ready manuscript and looking for someone to help you market your book, head over to Star Book Writing to get your book promotion plan sorted!