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The short answer: a lack of marketing. Too many authors are under the impression that just writing a great book will be enough. It won’t. People need to read it. That’s where we come in.

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Author Website Design & Development

Every visitor to your website is essentially standing at your shop front. Building your website with us will allow you the chance to display your brand, promote any new projects, and make the potential reader aware of what you’re all about

Search Engine Optimization

With the publishing market being so saturated today, it is important to take measures to drive traffic through search engines to your website. This is where our skillful team swoops in to adequately optimize your site; using keywords, backlinks and other off and on-page SEO strategies.

Social Media Marketing

We are all aware of the networking powers of social media and how they can help boost traffic, generate sales and create brand recognition by building and promoting a clear brand identity. Our team will help you take advantage of the algorithms of multiple social media apps.

video review

video review service is what we call the pinnacle of marketing in these pandemic situations.

People can not interact physically, so they mostly rely on their online intake of information. They are more likely to believe whatever they see on the internet because everyone is too scared to go out and verify anything.


Is your book struggling to earn prominent recognition in a sea of competitors? Do you want to draw more readers’ attention and give your book the needed edge? At Writers of USA, we know that producing a book trailer can be the difference between a book that gets read and one that gets neglected.


Features personal digital bookshelves to help readers flourish in their love of books. Discover new reads, check in on awards and author news, review books, and view beautiful libraries.

Press Releases

Press release distribution can help you build relationships with the media, establish brand credibility, and build SEO traffic. GlobeNewswire lets you target the right audiences, generate earned media, and demonstrate the impact of your press releases.

Book Process That Can Ease Your Life

Our streamlined process takes you from manuscript to finished book effortlessly.

Submit Your Manuscript

Send us your first draft or manuscript; our team will provide feedback and editing if necessary and start working on it.

Collaborate with Experts

Our team of publishing experts and ghostwriters will be going to guide you through the process, from cover design to editing.

Approval for Printing

Once it meets all necessary criteria and fulfills your vision, your book will be approved and it’s ready for printing

Receive Your Published Book

Once your book is printed, it will be shipped to you, and you can start enjoying the benefits of being author.

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