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5 Ways to Increase Book Sales Through Book Marketing - Book Promotion Services - Best Book Marketing Services

Here are the top 5 effective ways for book marketing of your book;


  • Author Website: If your book is all set to go online, it’s high time you must make a separate website to your author name, this helps to control the rights of your intellectual property and keep it intact from being copied and stolen. 


  • Good use of Google Analytics & Google Console: Once you’ve had your website online, it’s time to research for the ways on how to make your potential buyers interact with your business page/website organically. Just make an account on Google Console and get every minute update on how your customers interact with your business.


What does GSC do for your website?

  • Crawls into your website and registers your content.
  • Identifies all the errors on the website and fixes all of them.
  • Monitor your website’s performance through and through.


What does GA do for your website?

  • Monitors your website’s traffic in real-time for book marketing
  • Learn how demographics work related to gender, age, behaviors etc.
  • Learn extensively about interests, active time etc.


  • Get better understanding of your customers and market: Before you start writing your book or your need book marketing services, you need to research and do an analysis on how well this genre/niche would do in the market and how saturated it is for the said niche. If the footfall number is good, proceed. There are many ways to conclude the analysis, out of which one lucrative method is to check keyword difficulty scores.
  • Incorporate a creative book cover design: Before your readers read the book, they make up their mind through the book cover design if they really want to read it or skip the idea. Having a creative and captivating cover design is one component of effective book marketing strategies to gain attention from buyers.


  • Approach book marketing companies: Not many authors would want to get into the hassle of first writing and self-publishing their books and doing book marketing as well, the best bet for such authors are book marketing companies which provide services of marketing an author’s book at a nominal price. There are many credible book marketing companies who are doing their jobs quite well which are, Star Book Writing, Smith Publicity, JKS Communications and, Kelly & Hall etc. These companies can change the fate of your book sales upside down and help you become the most sold author in your niche. All you need is a good book marketing company and you’re sorted.


In this digital world with the right approach and knack to market your product is the best way out, there are countless organic ways to market your book and things become easy once you master it. Our advice would be, if you’re an author who’s publishing his first ever book, then head over to a competent book marketer to help you gain sales and drive the attention of the audience towards your book. This can be  a little on the costlier side, but it’s worth every penny!